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This Moment

“Present-moment living, getting in touch with your now, is at the heart of effective living. When you think about it, there really is no other moment you can live. Now is all there is, and the future is just another present moment to live when it arrives.” Wayne Dyer

The concept that the present moment has all that we need has been confusing to me. I am now, however, at peace with it.Thich Nhat Hanh‘s quote resonates  with me. “Find joy and peace in this very moment.”

If I didn’t have all that I need in this very moment, I would not be breathing. I would not be thinking. I would not be analyzing.  I would not be here writing.

I find great peace when I can be here.

I’m not worried about my loss yesterday. I’m not worried about what I need tomorrow.

Many years of practice have not perfected my ability to stay present. I don’t often look back, but I can easily leap into the future. I can plan. I can calculate. I can anticipate.

Nothing is better than this moment.

The Student



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Life Pursuits

A friend expressed her confusion about how to be happy. I told her that I don’t pursue happiness. Contentment? Peace? Acceptance? Yes. Throw in joy when available and I am happy.

So then I am wondering…do I pursue any of these? I don’t think so. And still, perhaps, I call it by different names.

Well, I don’t think I can chase joy. It comes to  me unbidden. I can only open myself to the moments as they open themselves to me. I am grateful for it and  revel in joy when it comes.

And meaning in life is very important to me. Is my sorting anc culling of what is important in a day a pursuit of meaning? Or does my great pleasure in learning indicate that I am pursuing knowledge in search of some answer? When I corral my errant mind to the present moment and practic mindfulness, am I chasing after peace?

Is all of this the pursuit of happiness?

Life Student



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A Story of Me

Museum CalendarThis is a story of something I have not yet named.

I’m not much into getting gifts. It isn’t that I don’t like “stuff”. But I have a lot of it and am constantly trying to winnow out what is no longer important. Gifts are a lovely blessing of the heart, and yet they tend to clutter up my life. I prefer a hug, a flower, a sweet smile, even a cookie…anything but stuff.

So I’m not enthused about the group practice of bringing random gifts to gatherings over the holidays, drawing numbers, and ending up with a gift. Rarely are they useful to me. The game is fun. I’m just not content with the outcome.

I won’t lengthen the story with the details but I received two such gifts this last month. I enjoyed a lovely bowl for a few days and then  turned over  to a friend who had coveted it but couldn’t retain it in the game of “Steal the Gift”. The other is a lovely book calendar from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Paintings of exotic birds face each weekly page. Stunning!

I’m hooked on electronics, however, so I realized that I wouldn’t use the calendar to good advantage. I tried to press it on my husband but he prepares ahead and had already chosen one for 2014.

I put the book in my car, thinking I would  happen upon someone who would enjoy it. (All the time admiring its beauty.)

This morning I have been struggling with the concept of keeping it. Because it is beautiful. Because I really like it.

So I contemplate how I could enjoy it. Would I ever go so far as to copy from my electronic calendar to a page? No, why would I when I have a phone that loads my calendar through the “cloud” with no effort on my part. I suppose I could use it as a birthday book; but I’ve done that in the past and the book sat ignored as I listened to the beep on my calendar to remember birthdays.

I could even go so far as tear out the pages with my list of activities for each day and enjoy my errands.

But isn’t that a waste?* Do I deserve to use this calendar when I don’t really need it? Isn’t here someone, somewhere who needs it and would be thrilled to own it?

Do I deserve to use it for the sheer joy of it?

This story has no conclusion.*

Life Student

*More Thoughts

1.  Perhaps the time I spend thinking about it is a more of a waste than tearing the pages from a disposable calendar.

2. It does validate my theory that possessions can be a curse instead of a blessing.


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