Morning Thoughts

I always try to remember my fortunate birth and live in gratitude.

This morning I am thinking of my parents. They were spiritual in the best sense, both leaving the forms of religion behind as they opened their hearts and minds beyond the confines of organized dogma to growth and inclusion. My father was always Bible based. My mother, too, I suppose, but she was a searcher. She embraced new thought on old  concepts.

What I am especially grateful for this morning, however, is their lifelong belief in nutrition as the basis of good health. Our gardens were organic. Our table was blessed with rainbows of fresh fruits and vegetables before it was in vogue. And, they both had a hate on sugar. I didn’t see white sugar in my home. There was rich raw sugar used sparingly and honey when we needed sweetness.

What a boon!

I had my breakout years when I followed the golden arches and slurped up the frosts. But, “raise up a child…” and all that. It was easy for me to fall back into my good habits when I began to see the toll on my body.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the wonderful life lessons.

The Student


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