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Groovin’ with Deepak and Oprah

In every moment, you have a choice about how you want to use two of your most precious resources – your attention and your intention. If you choose to focus your awareness on love, compassion, appreciation and peace, those qualities will expand in your experience.  You will find yourself living in the flow of grace and ease, in alignment with the creative power of the universe.” Deepak Chopra in Desire and Destiny Meditation Challenge*

This is a powerful message that I have heard many times. It was reinforced in my meditation this morning and I felt the resonance throughout my body. My heart swelled with memories of the expansive feelings that arise when I have chosen kindness. Moments of compassion, when I  join with others to relieve all of our suffering, deepen my love of life and its goodness. This morning I am washed in the glow of appreciation for my privilege in this world; the time, capacity and resources to access spiritual lessons, from others and from within.

I want to cling to this concept while knowing that the opposite is necessary. Instead, I must open up and live my intention to give my attention in these ways. This will create the true abundance, that of generosity and joy.

Life Student

*You can find the written transcript of each meditation at Doin the Grateful Dance. What a gift!



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Generosity and Abundance

Listening to Deepak Chopra’s meditation on Creating Abundance  reminded me: always give what I most desire.

Generosity with material abundance is a wonderful thing. Generosity of spirit is more precious to me. It will carry me through all aspects of my life.

Being a “giving” person has many connotations for me. I can’t tell you why in the past it has conjured up more bad images than good, perhaps I related it to times I have given with less than a whole heart. Or I have associated giving with the tight-lipped martyrdom of less than generous people in the church of my youth.  I only know that I want a broader definition for myself.

I want to remember that when I feel unloved and underappreciated I need only give love and appreciation to those in my life.

I want to greet life with open arms, looking for that person or purpose that needs my embrace.

I want to unclench my spiritual fists and let the energy of the universe flow from my fingers.

It’s  another choice in life, isn’t it? It is a learned response from a heart that is cracked open, spilling out on the world. Here I am, grateful for the opportunity to give what I am fortunate to have – a spirit of love.

The Student


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What Dreams are These?

I am giving up a long-time dream. It is not necessary to pry my clenching fingers away. I am raising my arms to heaven and opening my hands and heart in release.

I have only gratitude for having cherished this dream for so long. It has nurtured me, inspired me, comforted me and held me in its thrall long enough for me to recognize what I really need. It supported me steadily through doubts and insecurities.

It gave me courage. It provided connections. In fact, that dream became the shell that protected my soft center that is ready to break free.

Sometimes dreams are like that. Instead of coming to fruition, they help us create and recognize a real life that actualizes  all we desired.

Life Student


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