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Faith…and When I Have It

It’s easy to have faith when all is going well, isn’t it?

The sun is shining. My day moves smoothly from coffee with a friend to reading or weeding in my yard…either is as good as the other… and then the trials come (this year it is health issues).  Worry and concern move into gear.

What should I be doing? What if the doctor is wrong? Why am I not getting better? What should I be doing?

Around and around.

It isn’t so much concern over the prognosis. And it isn’t just the question of what path to follow toward wholeness, I get totally involved in micromanaging medical issues which are far beyond knowledge and expertise – no matter how much I listen to advice and read. It all raises an additional question of where to place my faith.

My meditation becomes rife with mind chatter. In some cases I can’t even get to the garden variety menu planning as I sit, visibly calm, invisibly on the high wire. I perserverate on what I will say, what I will do, what I should remember, and what is the worst-case scenario.

It’s always “worst case” in the middle of the night.

That’s why I loved a recent Super Soul Sunday interview between Oprah and Jon Kabat-Zinn*. It brought me back to mindfulness of what I have right now. I don’t know why I always need the reminder that this moment is all that I ever have, but I’m grateful each time I get the nudge.

His additional message was to trust those who I have engaged to take care of my health.  Then I can use my energy to stay calm and do the best for myself without worrying about their process. I needed that!

I can have faith in the process of life and living each moment of it.

The Student

*A pioneer in the field of mindfulness for stress reduction and health benefits.



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Continuing Ed in the Trenches

I am so thankful for those who study and share their insights into life. When I am struggling through the murkiness self-absorption of anger, resentment, hurt feelings; I need the intervention of loving kindness.

Deeply entrenched in negative emotions last week I was gently brought back into mindfulness by Miguel Ruiz on Super Soul Sunday. “Don’t take anything personally”, is one of his Four Agreements.

I’ve read this. I’ve re-read it. I have placed the charming affirmations around my house in order to reinforce these Agreements. And I forget them in the clinches. It is so much easier to blame someone else for my feelings and expect them to change instead of looking to my own responsibilities.

Well, perhaps not easier, but more expedient. In fact, when I assume* that someone will change in order to accommodate my likes and dislikes, I am not only setting myself up for failure; I am attempting to impose my will on another.

These are hard lessons for me to learn. I’ve been in my relationship for so long that I begin to think that I should be known, understood, and accommodated.

As long as I have continuing ed classes from Ruiz and other teachers, perhaps I will get more serious about my homework.

Life Student

*Which is another caution in the Four Agreements, “Don’t Assume.”

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My Office

My Office

The space around you reflects your inner self.Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday

This concept isn’t new but today it is disturbing.

Life Student


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