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Christmas Wishes

Christ in CalabriaI re-visited a mediation this morning. It was a perfect finish to my daily practice. I envisioned attaching the MP3 file to this post so that everyone could meditate on Love and Abundance for all. Since I’m not technical enough to work that one out, I am setting a link here so that you can visit Doin’ the Grateful Dance and read the spoken portion of the meditation by Deepak Chopra with and intro by Oprah.

That’s my wish for the day: to breathe in the cold, hunger, discomfort and sorrow of others and to breathe out warmth, love and comfort.

My wish is to be ever grateful for my fortunate life while remembering to share my own abundance.

My wish is to be mindful as I move through this day; to enjoy the family, friends and food and not be concerned about how it all falls together (or apart, if that happens).

Blessings to you on this Christmas Day. No matter what or when your celebration may be, let it be joyous.

Life Student


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Making a Life

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill

This is a giving season. We are thinking how best to please those we love. We are filled with love and wanting to give.

Please remember those who are not on your list. Remember those who have no one to love them.

Remember to love the unloveable.

And remember to give from your heart.

You will find plenty of people with needs and causes with credibility.

Life Student

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Groovin’ with Deepak and Oprah

In every moment, you have a choice about how you want to use two of your most precious resources – your attention and your intention. If you choose to focus your awareness on love, compassion, appreciation and peace, those qualities will expand in your experience.  You will find yourself living in the flow of grace and ease, in alignment with the creative power of the universe.” Deepak Chopra in Desire and Destiny Meditation Challenge*

This is a powerful message that I have heard many times. It was reinforced in my meditation this morning and I felt the resonance throughout my body. My heart swelled with memories of the expansive feelings that arise when I have chosen kindness. Moments of compassion, when I  join with others to relieve all of our suffering, deepen my love of life and its goodness. This morning I am washed in the glow of appreciation for my privilege in this world; the time, capacity and resources to access spiritual lessons, from others and from within.

I want to cling to this concept while knowing that the opposite is necessary. Instead, I must open up and live my intention to give my attention in these ways. This will create the true abundance, that of generosity and joy.

Life Student

*You can find the written transcript of each meditation at Doin the Grateful Dance. What a gift!


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