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Once more, Gratitude

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank You’, that would suffice.” Tolle

My daughter has been deathly ill in the last few days since she returned from an extended trip in India. 

I am grateful…

That her husband (with my strong support) demanded that she visit the doctor.

That she made it home before she collapsed. (She did, however, faint on the return flight.) But, had she been critical in India, I might not have been able to reach my virtual friends there in time to find the path to the best care possible. And we, her family, would not have been with her in this crucial time to help with decisions and offer encouragement.

That she has personal friends who are physicians and that they somehow (I don’t yet know how) heard of her collapse and appeared in emergency room to help manage the care that may well have saved her life.

That her brother, who was with her in India  and was also becoming ill on his return, is suffering only with a normal flu and is doing fine.

That she has stepped away from the precipice and will soon be out of the woods on her slow road to recovery.

How could I not be grateful that we are able to reach out and hold her in our arms and whisper words in her ears.

Thank you


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An Acknowledgement of Prayer

I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian church.  Although my parents were broadminded and spiritual, there wasn’t a lot of latitude within their belief system for the ways in which we practiced their chosen faith.  I strayed from that straight and narrow many years ago.

I have explored many beliefs and have formed my unique spiritual path.  And I got religion again when I heard Rainn Wilson on Super Soul Sunday.

I found his discussion of the Baha’i faith fascinating and enlightening.  Yet one precept washed me in such contentment that I can feel my spirit soar with the resonance of it.

Art is prayer.

When we create we are close to God.

Lifting the paintbrush, typing on the keys, moving plants in the garden…I knew it all felt perfect.  Yet had I never thought of it as prayer.

“Talking to God” is trapped in my childhood memories as something very different.

Prayers in church were long and boring and required me to keep my eyes closed and sometimes even to stand up while a long-winded minister or member of the congregation went off on a litany of either thanksgiving or entreaty that meant nothing to me.

Prayers before bed were a ritual of “Please bless…” everyone from my grandparents in Indiana to the orphans in China, which I rattled off by rote.  If I was stumped for enough words I could always please my parents by invoking help in being a better child.

Perhaps I’m telling too much on myself when I say that even prayers before meals were not mindful thoughts of where this food came from, who made it possible, and my good fortune in having it; but more standard recitations of, “Bless this food to our good…”

Gardening is not my new religion, nor is Baha’i.  But I more easily comprehend that the spiritual blessings I receive from my soil are a conversation with my Source.


This post was originally written for and published on Vision and Verb on June 25, 2012.

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God Knows I’m Praying

I’m so pumped.

After watching Rainn Wilson on Super Soul Sunday, I actually looked for a Baha’i group locally.  No luck in my area.

The concepts of openness to all religious, and blindness to color and race drew me.  Maybe I should investigate the gender factor, but… Oh, well.  I’ve never been one for the details nor do I have to take every bit from every religion. I take what I want and leave the rest to those who care.

I’m taking this one line and running with it…(paraphrased)

“Art is prayer.”

I am transported because it feels so right.  Again, I am translating this the way I want, I am categorizing my writing as art.  It can always take me away from my daily life.  Now I know it’s a prayerful attitude when I’m sending my good thoughts out into the world.  (Well, I’ll be careful on the curses because if God is really behind them, I don’t care to be flinging that power around.)

I’m going to go even further.

When I am in my garden, that’s prayer.  When I am carried away by music (maybe not in the Chicago blues bars), that’s prayer. And I’ll add dancing.  Do I have to be doing Sufi dancing to be spiritual when I’m dancing?

I’m feeling much more reverent just knowing that so many joyous times in my life are sending my prayers soaring.

The Student

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