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Struggles Toward Center

RhododendrenI am such a work in progress.  I meditate, I listen, I think that I inculcate concepts into my daily living and then I react so differently than I would like that I wonder who I really am.

My ego is huge.  My need for love is sometimes overwhelming.  My path is sometimes obliterated by my bounces against the wall of what is.

Yet I must truly love myself in order to love others.

God grant me the serenity…


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Struggling for Contentment

What  internal decision today  has created pain?

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer in Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, the third verse of the Tao Te Ching “…advises rearranging priorities to ensure contentment.”  This indicates a decision, does it not?

It indicates a trigger of wanting, desiring,  Does this then lead to a sense of inadequacy, a perception of unmet needs?

Why am I wrapped in a fog of discontent?  The unfed physical manifestation of internal unrest that I call hunger but that is really a deep craving?

Nothing serves.

Is it my job to discern the trigger and change my priorities?  Or is it my job to ride the pain?

I will do both.

I won’t distract from the pain.  I’ ll try not to eat my way through it.  And I’ll try to travel to the inception of my restless wanting.  There is something that changed a normal Wednesday into a day wrapped in gloom and sorrow.

I will still my mind.  Somewhere I have the answer.

The Student


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