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The Soul’s Fire


“Many sacred texts, such as the Bible, Koran, and Torah, speak of fire as a symbol of the vital life force that can be called upon for transformation, revisioning, or the transmission of renewed meaning.
Reflect upon the four fires—the fire of vision, the fire of the heart, the creative fire, and the soul’s fire. What does fire reveal to you about your dreams, work, health, relationships, creativity, and soul’s desire at this time in your life? …The soul’s fire calls us to be authentically who we are and serve others rather than our own egos.” Angeles Arrien
I’ve been studying and thinking about the Enneagram and it’s path toward our own spirituality and essence. Being aware of my “fixation” as a Type Seven offers me a great opportunity recognize those times I fall into ego and move away from my true self.
It is also interesting that although having the knowledge I tend to categorize myself as that personality rather than remembering to use it as a reminder that I am more and deeper and richer.
As a seeker, I know and respect many paths toward wholeness. My fundamentalist Christian upbringing by spiritually broadminded parents prepared me for my search for the nuggets of truth that are translated in different ways by different faiths – be it Buddhism, Taoism, or no ism. All lead me toward the fact of my oneness with everything and everyone. At certain times in my development, some spiritual languages are more accessible to me than others. There is no teacher who can’t be depended upon to shed light if I am open and listening and ready.
I mentioned Bede Griffiths in a recent post. His quote comes to me now. “To discover God is not to discover an idea but discover one’s self.”
And I love this quote from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ” “Love is seeing God in the person next to us, and meditation is seeing God within us.”
When I come to my own essence, to my authentic self, I see God, I am one with God.
The Student

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September 11

As I was commenting on a post regarding 9/11, I was spurred to post the thoughts  on my own blog:

Painting by Sharon Abbott Furze

Painting by Sharon Abbott Furze

We will always remember those we have lost.

We’ll not forget the many heroic deeds on that day.

Just as deeply, I hope that we let go of anger and thoughts of retaliation. I hope we mourn the acts of terrorism everywhere in the world and remember that these acts are perpetrated by individuals, not by entire peoples.

I hope that when remembering this and other acts of terrorism perpetrated on our home soil, that we also remember those who have been affected by such acts in other countries…that are also perpetrated on home soil.

I hope that remembrance draws us ever closer to all people of the world as we mourn the loss of all victims of violence everywhere.

The Student

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P1070644Do you compare yourself against others? I didn’t think much about it and if asked, I would probably have answered in an off-hand manner, “No”.

This morning I am preparing for a trip to meet two sisters for a few days at the ocean. Normally this would be a trip for some sweats, jeans, and plenty of shoes so that some can be drying while I’m walking along the beach getting others wet in the lapping and capricious  tide.

But I am packing for one of my sisters. She always looks beautiful. Her hair, make-up and dress are impeccable when she emerges from her room in the morning. (As opposed to my sleep-lined face and spiked (unintentionally) hair. I must be prepared if we all decide to go to dinner or to visit galleries in the small coastal town. I must live up.

So I understand that if I compare myself to my sister and come up wanting, that I must of some sort of comparison every day. Evidently I carry an interior yardstick with me everywhere I go. Not bad, I suppose except that I’d like to live my life without considering myself to be higher/lower, better/worse than others.

I don’t think comparison is one of the facets in the concept of oneness.



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