The Creative Fire


“Many sacred texts, such as the Bible, Koran, and Torah, speak of fire as a symbol of the vital life force that can be called upon for transformation, revisioning, or the transmission of renewed meaning.
Reflect upon the four fires—the fire of vision, the fire of the heart, the creative fire, and the soul’s fire. What does fire reveal to you about your dreams, work, health, relationships, creativity, and soul’s desire at this time in your life?…The creative fire signals the work that we love, a keen awareness of our gifts, and our desire to express them as a way of contributing to the world.” Angeles Arrien
Last spring I took a wonderful class at OLLI, our local university’s Lifelong Learning Institute. Each time he offers this course, the teacher chooses a few Mystics, Saints, and Sages and demonstrates their lives and how they have enhanced our spiritual world. In discussing Bede Griffith the conversation arrived at the Christian concept of Charism. We were asked what we felt our “gift of the spirit” to be.
What all I have received as gifts – I’m not sure. But I have grown in wisdom. And I have been given the gift of empathy and compassion. I am also able to communicate, to write as if I were talking, and to encompass and express a universal point of view.
In return I pass this gift to anyone who happens upon my blog: A Letter to My Children. I encourage any and all to use my ideas – and even my words – if necessary. In addition to personal letters to my family, notes on ancestral history, and my thoughts on life, love and death, I write generic form letters on a variety of subjects to aid my readers in communicating with their own loved ones.
I live a full life with my lifelong companion. I have spent many years sustaining a rich relationship with my children and grandchildren who are all an integral part of my life. These pursuits, together with my writing, I now consider to be my most important work. My charism, if you will…
The Student

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