Soul Loss


“Where do you experience symptoms of soul loss: inertia, apathy, emptiness, numbness, confusion, futility, discontent, anxiety?” Angeles Arrien

How to identify? How to be aware? Resistance, self-righteousness, overwhelm,

More likely it is mindlessness. It is living my life by rote, not making decisions but oozing through my life. Seeking incessant distraction on computer games, romance novels or food.*

But what are the causes?

I have thought about this since I first read this chapter of the book. The causes come in many guises and I could call them by many names, but they all refer back to lack of solitude. Lack of time spent in contemplation, meditation, prayer…

It’s as simple as that. No matter how difficult to reorganize my life – I must!

The Student

* A sure symptom of living within the fixation of my enneagram type (7).



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