The Fire of Vision


“Many sacred texts, such as the Bible, Koran, and Torah, speak of fire as a symbol of the vital life force that can be called upon for transformation, revisioning, or the transmission of renewed meaning.
Reflect upon the four fires—the fire of vision, the fire of the heart, the creative fire, and the soul’s fire. What does fire reveal to you about your dreams, work, health, relationships, creativity, and soul’s desire at this time in your life?
The fire of vision provides visions or dreams that show us possibilities and potential in our lives, inspiring us to manifest what we see or are called upon to do.” Angeles Arrien
My visions of my life have guided me for many years. I have never had goals, but I recognized early that I could see myself in certain positions and situations and that seeing myself there often placed me there.
But, until recently, I haven’t paid much attention to my dreams.

On my trip to the retreat at Teotihuacan one of the morning exercises in the circle was the acting out of dreams. Someone in the group would volunteer to share their memory of a dream and one of the partitioners would help in illuminating its meaning.

I don’t have a spiritual teacher nor a friend experienced in dream analysis, but I have become aware. Once in a bit I look up some recurring theme on one of the many dream interpretation websites. The answers are a bit pat and don’t always tick the boxes – still, I get some ideas.

The interesting thing about my dreams is that they do guide me. I lie quietly in the morning to let the spirit of my dreams wash over me while I remember what details I can bring back. I pay attention when I dream repeatedly about looking for something or of being frantic to reach some destination. I revel in the beauty of some dreams and let those visions stay with me throughout the day – recalling the feelings. When I have dreams that include people I have never seen (to my knowledge) I try to figure out what or who they might represent. And when I dream of my loved ones, I make the contact – assuming that they appeared in my dreams for a reason that my subconscious realizes even when I don’t.

The fire of vision has probably always been vital in my life. Now I recognize that value.

The Student


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