“Where do you experience symptoms of soul loss: inertia, apathy, emptiness, numbness, confusion, futility, discontent, anxiety?” Angeles Arrien

I’m sure it comes from disconnection. I can arrive there in many ways, both internal and external.

This week I am in New York. My experience at an Enneagram workshop here with Changeworks was a great example of connection.

My experience in the rest of my visit is more of a challenge even though, generally, there are people everywhere.

It’s interesting that at plays and events it is fairly easy to connect with people because they are tourists. They are fully into their experience and willing to share thoughts and feelings about it with others. NY’er’s – not so much. They are the challenge.

Although I go to the same grocery store each time it is hard to get a personal glance or comment from employees. Not impossible – but difficult. And I might get a nod from the doorman at the neighboring apartment building but I don’t get, nor I do I expect, a comment or a chat. If I ask a question on the subway, I am treated kindly and politely and then again relegated to the distance of a stranger.

I am beginning to feel isolated. This is very different from solitude.

The Student


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