And Solitude…

P1050618 Reflection
• What generates meaning, hope, inspiration, and curiosity for you? Angeles Arrien
Well, I guess my reflections are just slow. Although Solitude one of my major needs, I didn’t think of it in relationship to this. Who can say which is more important for my inspiration in life? Connection, travel, learning, service . Perhaps I would rank connection and solitude as my top two. And they are the ying and yang of it, aren’t they?
I crave solitude. In that state I know myself – I have no doubt of who I am and am comfortable with that person. My mind can wander down paths without seeming to lack the power of attention.  And I get some of my best thougths there, too. In the days when I vacuumed more, my creativity began there. What is more solitary than running noisy a vacuum cleaner back and forth over a floor?
Yes. I must include solitude.
The Student

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