What About Service?

 • What generates meaning, hope, inspiration, and curiosity for you? Angeles Arrien
Wow! How could I forget service?
Service gives great meaning to my life. I am no different than anyone, I can get myself weighed down my expecting too much of myself, but I sustain my joy in life by what I can do for others and for the world. Whether it is serving on a board, volunteering for hospice, or carrying a bucket for someone when it gets heavy, I love doing – and especially when I can believe that what I am doing makes a difference.
I have a little list going that doesn’t make a dent in what I know I could accomplish.
Remembering to smile and thank workers who keep restrooms and gardens and office buildings clean and beautiful for me.
Making soup for a friend who has tragedy in her life – taking care of her physical needs while she is on another plane.
Sitting vigil with someone who would be dying alone because I love the concept of being held physically or emotionally when passing.
Using my organizational and leadership skills to guide a non-profit board for a cause I believe in because if it needs to be done, why wouldn’t I lend a hand in the best way I could. Or doing one-on-one service for that same cause.
Paying attention to where I give my money – trying to do the best I can with what I have to offer.
Pushing a wheelbarrow that last block for a woman in the street who looks weary because I have the energy and wherewithal to carry her load for a bit.
Making a delicious and healthy meal for people I love knowing that they will be healthier and happier when it is finished..
My further reflections remind me that having read these thought-provoking questions, I will continue to let them percolate in my mind and heart. I’m going to try to step away from my own personality and not “tick” the boxes off and get to the next question. This book offers a way to live my life in a meaningful way while contemplating ways in which I an enrich my journey to the end of it.
Thank you, Angeles Arrien.
The Student

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