Like a River


“Where do you experience the spirit of fluency in your life and where are you willing to live, ‘Like a river flows/Carried by the surprise/Of its own unfolding’?” Angeles Arrien

My first thoughts that arise to this question identify when I DO NOT experience fluency. I recognize that psychic stop in myself when I hold fast. When I resist. When I draw that figurative line in the sand and refuse to budge. Identifying it helps me realize how destructive this is for me.

And I suppose there are less obvious times – when I veer away from thoughts and situations instead of letting them wash over me or through me. What is so important about resistance? Because for me, this “flowing like a river” is the opposite of that. And since resistance in some form or another is my besetting sin*, I am going to concentrate on this flow in hindsight and foresight.

I am easy with so many things now. Most days I can trip lightly over the shenanigans of my family on Facebook and not snap back with instructive (or destructive) comments. I can usually smile and understand that all of us speak from our own age and experience. I know that not everyone would even look at my thoughts and theories – let alone espouse them.  That’s okay.

I can usually hear the trials and tribulations of my children and grandchildren without spouting solutions. Of course, I am thinking solutions, but I am getting much better and swallowing them.

My husband and I have very different ideas on many things – from food to politics to family. I am no longer so tweaked by these differences. I understand that our joint thoughts and attitudes combine to make up a team that has worked pretty well through the years.

Probably most of all, I am easy about my own spirituality. Although I will always be a seeker after learning and higher thoughts, I am comfortable with my beliefs. It is well with my soul.

The Student

*I use this term loosely because I don’t really believe in the hard core concept of sin (but that is for another conversation).



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