Planning vs. Worry

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” Corrie ten Boom

“Worrying a problem” is an old phrase. It is evocative…like worrying a piece of thread until it comes loose at the seam. Or worrying a subject until we have looked at it from all sides and are sick of hearing about it.

This phrase perfectly describes the slip-sliding process that transforms planning into worry.

Planning is positive. It is hoping to facilitate with ease and grace. It is getting our ducks in a row with the assumption that they will float to the conclusion. Control issues aside – planning is necessary in most of our lives in order to accomplish the overabundance of tasks and responsibilities that face us.

I don’t recognize it immediately when I cross the line. Eventually, though,  I know that I am no longer enjoying my process. My body is tense. My mind is skipping like a scratched record – revisiting negative thoughts again and again. I am now trying to change a future that may never happen.  I am no longer productive.

Sadly, I am ruining my present moment while having zero impact on the future.

The Student



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