Thoughts on Spirituality

I was discussing women’s groups with an acquaintance. I have never thought of myself as having a women’s group. But gathering monthly with my friends on a regular schedule must fall into the category.

So when asked, I told her that I belong to two. I described one group as just friends who had begun meeting when we were all practicing our professions. (Each different areas, btw.) We enjoy each other’s company.

I described the second as a spiritual group.

I have thought about my response. What is spiritual in this context?

At any get-together someone might talk about her own faith in a given situation, but we are not faith-centered. God in all of his/her guises may come up in passing but we certainly don’t discuss theology of any sort. So why do I think of these women as spiritual? Because these women are spirit-filled in a totally “non-apostolic faith” manner.

At different times any one of us may have difficulty getting to the core of who we are and how we deal with our lives. But each of us is heartfelt in our desire to be honest in our responses. In our conversations, we do not voluntarily hide behind walls. We constantly expose ourselves by expressing our true feelings. We tell stories that show our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

This is truth to me. It is spiritual. Brené Brown calls it living “wholeheartedly”.

I am rejuvenated after being with this group of women. It feels restful to have spent an hour without any posturing or posing. Knowing that I don’t live this way all day, every day, gives me pause.

If I am to follow a spiritual path, I believe I must increase my time in this repose. It is being myself.

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