One More Time…

I rarely think of myself as negative. When I begin to view myself that way, I examine my life to see what is bothering me. Why I am down? Am I depressed?

Until I address my words and how I express myself, I don’t notice how many times in the day I think the worst; of people, of myself, of situations. Then I begin to question myself, “How long can you go in a day without saying anything negative?”

Oh, of course, I must deal with facts as they are so perhaps the letter of the experiment cannot be held to account. But I am trying to filter my thoughts.  My intention is to express no negativity. On my third day trying to follow the path of joy, this is an eye-opener.

Today I intend to use gratitude as a foil to the unruly thoughts that enter my head. That will be better than feeling bad about the number of negative words that try to slip off my tongue.

Onward and upward!

The Student

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Filed under Self-Acceptance Project, Self-examination

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