Another Take on Personality

I have tested my personality throughout the years….Myers-Briggs, The New Personality Self-Portrait, and even Horoscopes and the Chinese Zodiac.  Why did I find this so fascinating? Because it is all a part of the puzzle of self-knowledge.

Here’s the deal:

Year of the Horse

I am a Gemini

Gemini sign

Zodiac Sign of Gemini

I was born in the Year of the Horse

I am either an ENFP* or an ENTP*…hard to tell

I am Dramatic, Conscientious and Aggressive (with perhaps a touch of the Adventurous)

And I am a Seven in the Enneagram.

Where do I go from here? Who knows? I’m still Thinking and Perceiving. One thing I know for sure, I “get” it this time around. I comprehend that personality is a filter through which we perceive the world, and that it takes awareness and thoughtfulness to examine life around these filters. I also understand that in my path of development I may see things very differently than others. Each person’s filter is a bit different from my own.

If you are interested in the enneagram there are some great blogs going on. Also some fascinating and helpful sites out there:

The Enneagram Institute is full of information.

The Enneagram Playground is a fun way to go about it.

Life Student

*Extroverting, Intuiting, Feeling, Perceiving or Extroverting, Intuiting, Thinking, Perceiving


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