Joy in the Morning


Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher. William Wordsworth

I look out at the sun rising over the rooftops and am energized by the light.

Yesterday was a grey day that trapped me by the fire. The stalwart leaves that clung to the trees couldn’t withstand the biting wind. How could I?Kwan Yin sparkles

Today  I walk toward the kitchen to make my tea and gasp with joy. The prisms have come out to play.

When the sunlight enters the front window from an exact angle, I am redeemed from the gloom of encroaching winter. Light. Sparkling light. The crystals that hang above my dining room table catch the rays of sunlight and splash them merrily across the wall. They spread color. They spread warmth.

Why is this more magical than a mere sunbeam through the window? Because the crystals magnify light. They plumb rays of sunlight and glorify them.


Can I be magical? Can I spread such light and joy?

The Student


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