Resistance, My Teacher

“If you’re are paralyzed with fear it’s a good sign. It shows you what you have to do.” 
― Steven Pressfield

In his work, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks at length about resistance. I’m very familiar with the subject and so perhaps what I have learned from his book is the value of resistance to our creativity. And, of course, he hit me in the face with what I already knew, that the only cure for resistance is to act. Just begin. Write, paint, sing, dance…do!

I have thought a lot about this naturally occuring human reaction and I am going to accept Pressfield’s premise that the higher the resistance to our creativity, the more valuable the work we have to do. Enough said. Got it!

It’s the resistance in my daily life that I value more highly right now. How would I come to self-awareness without my own resistance? Many times I don’t realize that I am on the wrong path until I find myself playing computer games and eating…continually. My mind is tired and nausea creeps in before I recognize that the heaviness in my chest is not from too much sugar. My body is there to talk to me. It is tired of whispering and ready for me to listen.

“I don’t want to do this.”

“That does not fulfill my purpose.”

I have boxed myself in, shut myself out, or become trapped in minutiae. I have buried my spirit in activities. I am following tradition rather than my own truth.

Yes, there are many messages. I have but to listen and change course, if ever so slightly.  Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Pressfield.

The Student



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3 responses to “Resistance, My Teacher

  1. i’ve heard about this book before and feel it’s time to read it – thanks for the reminder! i find that my resistance shows up mostly thru wasting time in technology. and for that reason, i quit facebook last week. the funny thing about resistance is that it will show up anywhere there’s an opportunity. so you’re right, at some point we just have to DO the thing. thanks, aleya

    • Thanks, Aleya. I think you will enjoy the book. And I’m with you on the electronics. Such a time suck. According ot Pressfield, this will be a lifelong struggle. I’ll keep trying.

      • i know – technology is such a huge form of connection to others. and yet it can so easily turn into a source of frustration/feeling overwhelmed. i can see that finding that balance will take some time!!

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