Generosity and Abundance

Listening to Deepak Chopra’s meditation on Creating Abundance  reminded me: always give what I most desire.

Generosity with material abundance is a wonderful thing. Generosity of spirit is more precious to me. It will carry me through all aspects of my life.

Being a “giving” person has many connotations for me. I can’t tell you why in the past it has conjured up more bad images than good, perhaps I related it to times I have given with less than a whole heart. Or I have associated giving with the tight-lipped martyrdom of less than generous people in the church of my youth.  I only know that I want a broader definition for myself.

I want to remember that when I feel unloved and underappreciated I need only give love and appreciation to those in my life.

I want to greet life with open arms, looking for that person or purpose that needs my embrace.

I want to unclench my spiritual fists and let the energy of the universe flow from my fingers.

It’s  another choice in life, isn’t it? It is a learned response from a heart that is cracked open, spilling out on the world. Here I am, grateful for the opportunity to give what I am fortunate to have – a spirit of love.

The Student


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2 responses to “Generosity and Abundance

  1. I loved the Creating Abundance challenge. Great reminder at the start of your post. Thank you for sharing… wonderful 🙂

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