In the Moment…for a Moment

Fall berries“It is never too late, it is never too early; it is always just now” Pema Chodron

This is the constant in the teachings, isn’t it? Let go of the past, don’t fast-forward, be present with what is happening. In Pema Chodron’s Lojong teaching on awakening compassion she says it again. It isn’t one of the slogans. It is not even a major point in this particular teaching.

And still, for me it is the basis of everything I try to remember each day.

Live in the moment. Breathe deeply and don’t try to escape the unpleasant. Breathe deeply, enjoy the moments of pleasure and be willing to let them pass, too.

While I listen I cling to the beauty of the fall trees. I step in the dry rustle on sun-dappled strees and remember the smell of smoke in the air when I was young; not yearning exactly, but remembering with a certain nostalgia.

I am slow at learning on this lifelong path.

The Student

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