P1070644Do you compare yourself against others? I didn’t think much about it and if asked, I would probably have answered in an off-hand manner, “No”.

This morning I am preparing for a trip to meet two sisters for a few days at the ocean. Normally this would be a trip for some sweats, jeans, and plenty of shoes so that some can be drying while I’m walking along the beach getting others wet in the lapping and capricious  tide.

But I am packing for one of my sisters. She always looks beautiful. Her hair, make-up and dress are impeccable when she emerges from her room in the morning. (As opposed to my sleep-lined face and spiked (unintentionally) hair. I must be prepared if we all decide to go to dinner or to visit galleries in the small coastal town. I must live up.

So I understand that if I compare myself to my sister and come up wanting, that I must of some sort of comparison every day. Evidently I carry an interior yardstick with me everywhere I go. Not bad, I suppose except that I’d like to live my life without considering myself to be higher/lower, better/worse than others.

I don’t think comparison is one of the facets in the concept of oneness.




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2 responses to “Comparisons

  1. It is crushing indeed. But, you are being human. That is not crushing. Aspiring to be like a role model is not per se a wrong thing, but to obsess about it and get all tangled up is.

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