God in the Garden

RosesPerhaps I am seeking God in beauty.

I bring flowers into the house. I make feeble attemps to clear the surfaces and let the beauty of my home and the flowers fill each room. Still I must leave the work behind and walk out the door.P1040468

I’d rather walk the paths in the garden. I need to sweat with the effort of hauling rich compost filled with wriggling worms who are doing their part to create this abundance. I need to see the pile of weeds grow as I clear the way for spring starts and annuals.

Digging, planting, clipping; all are a part of the joy of being in this sanctuary that I call mine but that I share with finches, robins, gophers, the neighbors cats, and any friend I can lure into the beauty and peace of my garden.

God is always here.


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4 responses to “God in the Garden

  1. God is always here. In every petal. In every rock. In every robin. Where there is beauty. I echo your heart’s call. I have missed you! So good to be here and to see your gorgeous, gorgeous garden. There is nothing that beats getting one’s hands deep in the good earth. Sharon

  2. I belong to a tradition, Advaita, that does not believe in one God or many Gods, but knows that there is ONLY God. So, phrased slightly differently, you are bang on.

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