Purpose and Meaning

Carolyn Myss, put it succinctly in Defy Gravity: that if we ask our ego for purpose and meaning, we will receive an answer that serves that ego. If we ask our soul, we will receive an answer that serves others.

That hit me so hard that I had to stop the CD and think for the rest of the drive.

How many times have I watched Oprah and wondered about my purpose? Even though I created my personal mission statement many years ago and understand the little moments in life in which I live to it; I am often looking for the BIG PURPOSE. What am I REALLY doing? At least now I know the answer.

When I am in that space I am looking for a purpose that will give me recognition. I’m looking for a way to become known for my great works.

And I’m thankful that my soul knows the difference. I’m grateful to my inner knowledge that helps me come back to myself and my true purpose. My teeny, tiny, moment-by-moment life path. My first step is always gratitude. It begins with love of myself and stretches toward the world around me and all who are in it with me.

Thank you, Carolyn, for putting into words a concept which I believe but had never articulated.

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6 responses to “Purpose and Meaning

  1. How often we confuse destiny with fame and recognition. How often we ask the false master. I too have been reflecting on this and it has slowly dawned on me to whom I direct the questions to. Thank you for sharing this process of growth with us. How very true that we learn when someone draws what we dimly know into the beautiful light.
    So good to see this you again! Sharon

    • Yes, sometimes it just takes hearing it in the right words when I am ready for it. It is very calming to think of how much meaning day to day thoughts and conversations have in my life.

  2. Okay, let me let the cat loose among the pigeons.

    The problem is to know what is ‘ego’ and what is ‘soul’ and if there is a difference between the two terms, and if so, what is the difference. This is how authors use semantics to sell books, or in this case audio cassettes.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Reflect on the message.

    • Well, I’m not going to shoot you, I’m just going to say that for me, I learn much from others teachings about their own journeys. I know the difference when my ego is involved rather than my soul (by any name). These two are as different to me as thoughts and feelings, although not necessarily defined by those words…just an analogy.

  3. thank you for this post – caroline myss is amazing. it really is that simple, isn’t it. our spirit is about joy, service, and love. ego isn’t concerned with that; only the preservation of a false sense of self. namaste.

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