Peace? Now!

Bumper stickers seen on the car in front of me:

Peace NowMy first response was to laugh. My second was to smirk a little at the incongruity. And then I began to contemplate. Back Off! I'm saving fuel.

I remembered my “aha” moment when listening to Getting Unstuck by Pema Chodron. I realized that my rage and furor about inequality, molestation, injustice…were just that…Rage and Furor. Suddenly I recognized that I was feeding violence in the world with my thoughts and my actions.  And I am really not in favor of violence.

What then is my path?

To soften my heart instead of allowing my hackles to raise. To take a deep breath and decide whether there is anything I can accomplish on the subject. To live in such a way as to not unwittingly perpetrate those things which I am against.

I must have made progress; because I am back to laughter over the concept of being confrontational about peace. Been there, done that.


Life Student


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4 responses to “Peace? Now!

  1. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.

  2. So many causes in this world is driven by anger and sustained by anger. And the good of that cause is so often dimmed by that. And I realised that if I am to make any difference at all, it must not be rooted in anger. There is a time for just anger but one has to move pass that. I am learning the power there is in peace in all we do. As always so very good to come alongside with you. Sharon

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