Continuing Ed in the Trenches

I am so thankful for those who study and share their insights into life. When I am struggling through the murkiness self-absorption of anger, resentment, hurt feelings; I need the intervention of loving kindness.

Deeply entrenched in negative emotions last week I was gently brought back into mindfulness by Miguel Ruiz on Super Soul Sunday. “Don’t take anything personally”, is one of his Four Agreements.

I’ve read this. I’ve re-read it. I have placed the charming affirmations around my house in order to reinforce these Agreements. And I forget them in the clinches. It is so much easier to blame someone else for my feelings and expect them to change instead of looking to my own responsibilities.

Well, perhaps not easier, but more expedient. In fact, when I assume* that someone will change in order to accommodate my likes and dislikes, I am not only setting myself up for failure; I am attempting to impose my will on another.

These are hard lessons for me to learn. I’ve been in my relationship for so long that I begin to think that I should be known, understood, and accommodated.

As long as I have continuing ed classes from Ruiz and other teachers, perhaps I will get more serious about my homework.

Life Student

*Which is another caution in the Four Agreements, “Don’t Assume.”

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