Alone with Myself

Sunset and meThe spiritual leaders and sages who have shared their thoughts through the years have been invaluable to me. When I combine my own experiences with those timeless insights their guidance has hastened me along my own path of development.

And I need to step out of my life at times. My periodic physical and spiritual retreats offer me the chance to learn more about myself and to readjust. When I am traveling solo I must constantly interact with new people and am more apt to be aware of my social weaknesses. The comfort of my own pod at home allows me to ignore some of my problematic attitudes and behaviors.

I could be self-critical about what I perceive as unacceptable on my part. I could be discouraged that I must re-learn some lessons over and over.

That’s why I’m especially grateful to Pema Chodron who reminds me to be kind to myself. To be happy that I even notice when I’m off center.

Life Student

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