What Dreams are These?

I am giving up a long-time dream. It is not necessary to pry my clenching fingers away. I am raising my arms to heaven and opening my hands and heart in release.

I have only gratitude for having cherished this dream for so long. It has nurtured me, inspired me, comforted me and held me in its thrall long enough for me to recognize what I really need. It supported me steadily through doubts and insecurities.

It gave me courage. It provided connections. In fact, that dream became the shell that protected my soft center that is ready to break free.

Sometimes dreams are like that. Instead of coming to fruition, they help us create and recognize a real life that actualizes  all we desired.

Life Student


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2 responses to “What Dreams are These?

  1. I think that you will enjoy reading my take on the subject of dreams in my forthcoming post on Friday the 11th inst. I hope to see your comments there!

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