New Year, New Ideas

A conversation leads to this, a book leads to that…

My daughter-in-law is a teacher and is studying for her masters in contemplative education. Last time we visited we talked a lot about emotional intelligence.  In my search for reading material in the library archives, the book she was reading didn’t appear.

And hooray! I checked out Destructive Emotions, as scientific dialogue with the Dalai Lama narrated by Daniel Goleman. What can be better than an “aha” moment while reading a wonderful book in a hot bath on a wintry day?

In Chapter 4 there is a reference to a conversation in 1974 when Tibetan teacher Chogyam Rimpoche stated that Buddhism would come to the western world as psychology. The narrator then goes on to discuss the resistance  in the world of modern psychology to the notion that this ancient wisdom could be compared. Perhaps naivete more than resistance.

Naivete certainly describes my thinking.

In my many years of studying and following the paths set out by spiritual leaders influenced by ancient wisdom, I have never compared them to my years of sitting at the feet of counselors. Yogi? Guru? Psychologist? Priest? Pastor? I would not have denied the similarities; and I would not have thought of them, either.

I love the synchronicity of life.*

Life Student

* …and speaking of synchronicity, I met a professor in the contemplative education department of Naropa University, where my daughter-in-law is studying, on a flight two days ago. Go figure!


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2 responses to “New Year, New Ideas

  1. You have introduced me to some new knowledge – contemplative education. I did not know that a formal process of modern learning in this field existed. Amazing.

    I am not surprised at all at the synchronicity of your meeting a Professor of this field on a flight. These kind of things keep happening all the time for me. Only that I am now noticing them and am awed by them.

    • Life Student

      Isn’t it wonderful that teachers are learning to teach valuable lessons? I’m impressed by the program. And as to synchronicity, I was impressed also to ready of your post on synchronicity when I was posting on the same. Big world. Possibilities everywhere.

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