There is only one-way in which one can endure man’s inhumanity to man and that is to try, in one’s own life, to exemplify man’s humanity to man.  Alan Paton

Sadness becomes an aggregate.  It is a composite of loss, of violence, of misunderstanding and inhumanity.

Global communication allows us  carry the collective weight of every incomprehensible event. It opens the window to the melting pot of tragedy in our world. As if the written and spoken word is not enough to evoke images of terror, pain and death; television and the internet spash photos and videos across the screens of our lives.

Perhaps sadness is the answer. It is a blanket that covers us. It places us into the solitude of sorrow. In this grey fog our mind can sift and sort. Our spirit can acknowledge. Our heart can break and begin its healing.

I cannot deny my sadness. I choose not to distract from it. I live with it in the hope that peace will well up from its depths. Peace for myself, for those I love, and for the world.

Life Student


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2 responses to “Sadness

  1. rummuser

    Sadness is an unnatural state of mind. Nature did not intend us to be sad. It is a temporary emotional state to adjust to a temporary reality, Lingering in that state is akin to wallowing in mud after having accidentally fallen in a muddy pond. Moving on is the answer.

    • Life Student

      Staying with one’s emotions without distracting, in order to learn, is not what I will consider wallowing; and I take your point.
      I don’t consider sadness to be unnatural either. It is simply one of the emotions that is sometimes with us…like anger or fear.
      And yes, we learn to do what is necessary with these emotions in order to move on.

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