Prayers for Our Young

Sun peeks through a cloud“May we not succumb to thoughts of violence and revenge today, but rather to thoughts of mercy and compassion.” Marianne Williamson

Murder and mayhem is not new. There is war…neighborhoods to national, to international and back to neighborhoods again. And again in the U.S. we have endured the seemingly random attacks on innocence in Oregon and now Connecticut.

Thoughts of the wrenching grief of the families of both victims and perpetrators consumes me.

It is better that I quiet my mind and pray. That I meditate on life and love and comfort. That I join the collective field of compassion.

The Life Student



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5 responses to “Prayers for Our Young

  1. I join you. My earlier comment seems to have gone off again into your spam box! I seem to be very unpopular 😦

  2. Ramana

    My comments are again going off into your spam box. I recommend that you check the spam box as a matter of routine whenever you post. I do. This is Rummuser.

    • Life Student

      Thanks, Ramana. I have been traveling and not watching, but that is a good tip…just check for the vagaries of WordPress:)

      Thanks for being persistent.

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