ADD Meditation

I wrote this on December 31st of last year.

“I speak without thinking and say things that require backing down or apologizing.  I move without planning, getting myself committed to things I don’t want to do and bruising myself on whatever door I left open (dishwasher?) in order to dash to my next tsetse fly moment.

Yet, because of my particular problems with ADD, I have put on my calendar to meditate each morning. Otherwise I just jump into my day without thought. Meditation doesn’t always quiet my mind, but it quiets my body for a little.  I have set aside (on said calendar) 20 minutes to step into silence and stillness.”

As I scroll through past drafts and read my unfinished thoughts, sometimes I am puzzled.  Where was I going?  What was my point?

On this one I am laughing.

I have been true to my intention to meditate at least once a day.  I needn’t look at my calendar to remind me.

Yet I still speak and move without thinking.

But what the heck… for twenty minutes or more each day, I’m not hurting anyone.

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