Possibilities of Change

Festa of the Madonna della Grazie in Verbicaro, Italy

There is beauty in the path to change.

I just returned from a month’s stay in Italy.  While there I began Deepak Chopra’s  latest 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

Since I have re-established meditation as a ritual in my mornings, my life has changed for the better.  So, although I would continue daily meditation without his challenge, it is good for me to hear the homily each day.  It helps me focus on aspects of my life that I might ignore.

Day 17 is about loving change.  It reiterated what I have always said, “I like change as long as it is my idea.”

Change is especially difficult for me in my own environment.  It seems that if I do something twice, it is a habit.  And even harmful habits quickly become a way of life.

In a flicker of a thought in this meditation I realized why I travel alone for periods of time.  It is to pick myself up and place myself in a situation where change is inevitable.  I must examine who I am and what I do on a minute-by-minute basis.  There is no one else on which to foist off the truth.

I follow the life lessons of Oprah and step out of my own box.  I change.

And I try to bring the changes home with me.


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