Balancing Act

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmonyThomas Merton

In that wonderful way that life has of informing me, it keeps bringing forward the concept of balance.  I often say that I need to get back to my center.  I think of it as grounding myself.

I’ve never been totally clear about the physics or the metaphysics of this, but I understand the feeling of being off-center, unbalanced and ungrounded.  I can’t even claim to understand exactly how to change back when I get to this fly-away space.  I only know that it is uncomfortable for me.

I was watching a taping of Oprah with Tony Robbins (from which I got several ideas).  Sherry Salata was saying that she realized that she wanted her life to be a teetertotter and so she was going to trying to “balance” her life.  Hmm.

Then, in a Deepak Chopra meditation, David Ji described balance as that of paying equal attention to the body, mind and spirit.

Both resonate with me.  They are each “keeper” concepts.

I love the ups and downs and highs and lows of my life.  The distress comes only if the lows were to stay too long.  But then, without the lows, I wouldn’t realize how wonderful it is to be higher than a kite (emotionally) or filled with peace and contentment.

And I will gently remind myself that it is possible to cogitate in motion.  I am capable of deep thought when I am walking or vacuuming.  Meditiation is natural when chopping celery or folding cloths.

There’s a certain balance to all of that.

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One response to “Balancing Act

  1. “Meditation is natural when chopping celery or folding cloths” – I find that statement so true for myself. Nothing more nothing less. I learnt this from my 84 year old grandmother who makes even the most simple of chores like folding clothes into an art. It’s just beautiful watching her – so serene, simply giving herself for the moment that she’s in. Thank you for this wonderful reminder about balance in the body, mind and spirit. Gandhi says when our thoughts, words and actions are in harmony, we are in harmony. Have a wonderful weekend my dear! Many hugs, Sharon

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