Signs of Spring

Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty only because there is ugliness.  All can know goodness as good, only because there is evil.  Tao Te Ching


I am grateful for spring.  The swelling in my heart when I see a daffodil would not be so great if it didn’t grow from the dry twigs and barren landscape of the winter ground.

Of course!

The 10th and 15th daffodils are lovely in April.  Yet they don’t spark the same light in my soul as the first glimpse of bright yellow  on a cold day in March.  When the dark days come I want to remember how glorious the light will be in contrast…and that the light is coming.



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2 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. rummuser

    We have had spring for a while now and it is at its tail end with the summer setting in in earnest. There are some plants still flowering, but the heat is increasing every day. For us, since we do not have snow or severe cold in our winters, the spring season is more like a warming up exercise to face up to the heat of the summer season.

  2. Life Student

    I suppose by now you are well into hot weather. We still have cool nights and cannot put all of our plants outside. Yet it is beautiful.

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