Examining My Strength

What a revelation.

I have always considered myself to be very strong.  Physically, yes, but mentally and spiritually, also.  I can do it!  I can take it!  I’ll handle it.

Ilanya Vanzant shocked me by saying that this is probably not authentic.   Does my strong stance stem more from my desire to be perfect and to hide my fear of my own inadequacies than from solid spiritual ground?  My need to put others first may mean that I see everyone else as more worthy, more valuable.  Yet many of the great religions and philosophies tell me to take care of myself so that I can be of service to others.

It’s okay.  I don’t need to be strong.  But I must remember not to pretend that I am.  I must ask for help when I need it.  As Ilanya says,  “Do not allow others to dismiss, disregard, deny your pain.  Find someone who will listen – someone who hears you.”

I how other people view me.  Do they think I am strong?  Do I isolate myself with my supposed strength?

The Student


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2 responses to “Examining My Strength

  1. rummuser

    Being strong does not mean that we stop being vulnerable. Things that happen to others happen to strong people too. The difference is that the strong, face the problems squarely, do whatever needs to be done, or if nothing can be done, accept the situation and move on. The strong are actually detached. And that is being spiritually strong in my opinion.

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