What would happen…?

I’ve been trying to meditate twice a day by adding an evening meditation.  If last night was an indication…this is working beautifully.  I had a restful night of sleep.

After my morning meditation I felt energy and anticipation for the day.

I’ll do my exercise early.

I’ll take a bracing walk in the wind.

I’ll work on my taxes.

I’ll finish those videos.

I’ll clear my desk.

What would happen if I made great strides toward the things I put off?  The hours I spend avoiding those tasks would leave me so much freedom, I would have to decide how to spend my days.

What a concept!





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2 responses to “What would happen…?

  1. rummuser

    Great concept. It will work. You have my personal guarantee on it because, it works for me. That is whenever I translate the concepts into action. About those days when I am too lazy for the evening dose of meditation, the less said the better.

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