Struggling for Contentment

What  internal decision today  has created pain?

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer in Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, the third verse of the Tao Te Ching “…advises rearranging priorities to ensure contentment.”  This indicates a decision, does it not?

It indicates a trigger of wanting, desiring,  Does this then lead to a sense of inadequacy, a perception of unmet needs?

Why am I wrapped in a fog of discontent?  The unfed physical manifestation of internal unrest that I call hunger but that is really a deep craving?

Nothing serves.

Is it my job to discern the trigger and change my priorities?  Or is it my job to ride the pain?

I will do both.

I won’t distract from the pain.  I’ ll try not to eat my way through it.  And I’ll try to travel to the inception of my restless wanting.  There is something that changed a normal Wednesday into a day wrapped in gloom and sorrow.

I will still my mind.  Somewhere I have the answer.

The Student



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4 responses to “Struggling for Contentment

  1. Hi friend, lovely to red your thoughts, struggles and victories. Spiritual path … long and uncertain. I am interested by the quote of Dr Dyer – rearrange priorities. I feel this is an area of confusion. We have been brought up by spiritual scriptures which sem to deny desire and say, ‘just don’t’ but there is a desire between desire, want, intend, etc and all refer to the same energy inside ourselves: our vital force which seeks satisfaction, self assertion, enjoyment and creativity. It seems to me that the rearranging of priorities is not on the horizontal – which job should I do or what food woud make me happy (apologies for the examples …) – but it seems to be more a re-arranging on the vertical or in-depth axis of our life. What does that mean? shifting from a desire or want or intent to achieve, enjoy or control things, people and situations which are all outside to desire, want and intend to express the innate goodness that is ‘I’. I don’t know if that makes sense but this is what I have been working for since years and it has allowed me to clear a huge area of inner conflict between the ‘thou shall not want’ and the need to want something for the sake of making decisions. Brotherly love.

    • Life Student

      There are so many connotations of want. I continue to follow the path of being present which really means that there is nothing I need, doesn’t it?

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