Let Go…Let Go

 “Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.” – Zen Prover

I am impressed once more with the power of letting go. I forget that I have that power.That when I release myself from frustration and stop struggling. The struggle ends.

Sometimes it makes life so easy. Then I wonder why I cared so much. I’m puzzled by my tenacity in wasting precious moments of my life trying to do what won’t work for me.

One of two things happens when I move away from it.

1. It flows easily in its own pattern, works in its own way and accomplishes more than I could have dreamed.  2. It becomes unimportant. Its value was a fabrication in my hardened mind.

I can’t pretend that leaving the struggle behind will make my life easy. But I know that struggling makes it harder.



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2 responses to “Let Go…Let Go

  1. I find letting go of one particular negative emotion extremely difficult. It is not as though it is an ancient deep rooted one. It is but a few years old and developed out of my own folly. I know that it is negative and I should let it go, but it keeps popping up and bugging me.

    There are some things that despite our wanting to let go, do not want to go! I have now learned to accept that it is not likely to go and that I should simply allow it to rise whenever and observe it till it passes away. Difficult but slowly getting to be possible without getting all tied up.

    • Life Student

      It is never easy, is it? I think it is good to accept and watch. That is, perhaps, how we diffuse the great emotions.

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